Data management and sharing


SeedMeLab allows data organization in a familiar hierarchy of files and folders. Visit the Data page to view a list of top level files and folders. Two types of Lists are available

  • Personal files lists folders owned by you or shared with you.
  • Public files lists public folders on the site.

A. Access controls 

Share access controls can be only set at the top level files/folders from Personal files. All descendants of top level folder have same access privileges. This simpler sharing model provides easier access management and faster performance. All content is private by default but following privileges may be granted to other users

  • Everyone:  Access enables anyone to view and download aka Public
  • View: Access enables specified users to view, copy, and download
  • Author: Access enables specified users to edit, delete, move, and upload too 

B. Sharing with this site's members

To share data with site member

  1. Visit the Personal files page
  2. Select one top level file/folder for sharing 
  3. Choose Share option from the menu
  4. In the Share from, enter the real name or username or email address, then click Add user (If the account does not exist, use Invite option described below).
  5. Grant appropriate access privilege to added user
  6. Save the Share form. The user will receive an email notification about the shared content.

C. Sharing with non site members via Invite

To share data with non site members

  1. Visit the Personal files page
  2. Select one top level file/folder for sharing 
  3. From menu choose the Invite option
  4. In the Invite form, enter the email address, then click Add invitee 
  5. Grant appropriate access privilege to invitee
  6. Save the Invite form. The invitee will be notified by email with instructions to create an account on the site and access shared content.
  7. To manage the invites, use the Invite menu option again of file/folder or visit your account to resend/withdraw/archive the invites.

D. Upload file sizes

Maximum upload size for single file is 2GB currently.