Frequently asked questions

  • What is the storage quota per user?

    At this time there is no preset quota, we would like to understand the real usage from the community, then set something. Your feedback is welcome.

  • Can I archive my data on this site?

    No, this site is not an archive, it provides a convenient data sharing option for SDSC's HPC users.

  • Can I get my own dedicated site like this for my group?

    Yes, please contact us here

  • Does SeedMeLab (this site) allows data version?

    Currently data versioning is not supported. Data versioning semantics differ from one research group to another, hence general purpose versioning system like Git is not ideal for dataset and these schemes are not portable between different filesystems. The users can freely define and follow their typical versioning scheme they use on existing filesystems.

  • How is SeedMeLab (this site) different from Dropbox and other similar services?

    SeedMeLab is fundamentally different from other services, as it uses an extensible virtual file system under the hood. This virtual filesystem has native ability to store description for any file/folder. Once data is entered into the description field it is indexed and available via search. It also has capability to add comments at file/folder level or add additional keywords or other meta data fields. Create custom layout and display of data including visualizations. See tabular feature comparison.