Command line setup on other computers

A. PHP check

FolderShare command line client requires PHP, check if your system already has PHP7.2.x+ installed

  1. Linux: Few Linux distributions ship with PHP, if not available see section B
  2. Mac OS: Recent versions of Mac OS already have PHP7.2+ installed
  3. Windows: PHP needs to be installed, see section B

Check php availability on your computer as follows

# On terminal issue the following command
php -v

B. Installing PHP 7.2.x+

If PHP version 7.2.x+ is not available on your system, visit how to install php.

C. Download foldershare php client

foldershare supports REST web services for command-line access. You can use this to upload, download, and change files and folders from a terminal window or script on a Mac, Windows, or Linux desktop, laptop, or supercomputer.

  1. You must have PHP 7.2.x+ on your computer, see section A & B above 
  2. Download and unzip the foldershare php client (requires PHP 7.2.x+)
  3. Fetch foldershare php client from project website
    curl -OL 
    cd foldershare_client.1.3
  4. Type "./foldershare --help" in a terminal window to get help. You must have php in your path or type
     /full/path/to/php ./foldershare --help
  5. Now follow the Command Set section described on Usage from Expanse page.